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Welcome to our e-commerce site where you can purchase beautiful prints and originals of all the work by Pamela Hamilton Designs & Gracefull Arts that you have come to know and love. You will find art that hopefully makes you happy and speaks to your soul.

Here's what a few of our fans are saying-

"Pam Hamilton has a fabulous eye for design and color. Her art makes me smile and feel good inside. She also has a spiritual orientation towards some of her subjects which inspire me!" - Rev. Meredith Ann Murray

"The unique, expressive style of Pam's work is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul. From her flowers to animals to beautiful patterns and Angels, the versatility of her subject matter impresses me. I always look forward to seeing what she creates next, and to see the new details hidden in her newest works. A glance at one of her paintings in my home and I instantly feel a warm nostalgia, almost a dream like feeling. Her huge heart is truly felt through her work."-Allie G

"I love the way Pam's artwork makes me feel. Each one of her collections has a unique appeal for me. The color and patterns used in her textiles are pleasant - and touch a warm cord inside. The photography collections are amazing - whether its the dynamic colors of flowers in February (lending hope for spring) orto the patterns of New York - there is something so simple, and so soothing to look at. Her artwork, provides a sense of serenity." - Sue Ann DiVito

"Pam's art is magical...cannot truly explain how each new piece transports me to this world where color is soothing, the subject brings a smile, and overall makes me want to live wherever it is that she pulls her art from....I guess "JOYOUS" is the perfect description!" - Betty M